Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mission Accomplished - My Kid Doesn't Like Breastfeeding Anymore

I didn't think that I would get to this point. My kid really isn't interested in breastfeeding anymore. She is 15 months old, so it doesn't completely surprise me. She's been extremely independent with walking at 8 months. She also is clearly seeing reduced bang for buck with nursing vs. eating table food. Even with reducing her cow's milk - she isn't interested in more breastfeeding. We've been down to 1-2 nursings a day for several months. Now we've gone several days without a real nursing - and she doesn't seem the least bit bothered. I think it's safe to say - my child is pretty much done with breastfeeding

I shouldn't be surprised. She's been making less and less effort at it for months. And I've noticed lately she prefers to play with the nipple or use my boob as a pillow as opposed to actually latching. Even when she latches, the second she finds something she can pay attention to - she pops off and wants to do something else. I can't help but think she's internally thinking, "OK woman - I'll do this for a few seconds so you can feel important - but I'm really SO OVER IT!"

I never thought I'd get to 15 ( almost 16 months). Feeding my daughter was like feeding a barracuda. She had razor sharp gums and I cried through many nursings. We had a nursing strike which was horrible. I struggled with pumping and stopped responding to the electric pumps. But she and I stuck it out - and we got the job done. I'm glad I made it this far - although I had envisioned nursing until two. At this point with her lack of interest, I don't feel good about pushing the breast on her - because I feel like it may interfere with her urge to wean.

I guess this is the next step in my child's development.

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