Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gestational Diabetes Battles!

Well it's official - I have GD. In fact when I took my 3 hour test - I didn't just fail it - I flunked the damn thing.  I failed all 4 numbers - but I wasn't surprised. I had GD last time and I'm about 10 lb and a few years older this time. We tried to go diet controlled but after a week it was very clear to me that it wasn't going to work. I was able to control my 2 hour scores but my fasting scores were constantly 20 points higher. And bless the heart of my GD counselor but when I explained that none of the tips they gave me were helping my fasting - she just kept repeating the same thing. Instead of wasting another week - I just spoke to my doc.

She put me on glyburide. Initially I was nervous but honestly - my sugars have all come down since taking it at night and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS!

It's nothing like the metformin runny tummy woes I was dealing with earlier.

Oh and here's a quick update :
1 - I'm 30.5 weeks now
2 - I have gained only 13 lb since pre-pregnancy weight
3 - I didn't gain anything in the last 4 weeks
4 - baby is measuring close to 4 lb
5 - He's also measuring a week ahead
6 - Oh and I'm roughly 5 weeks away from having my cerclage removed and graduating from my perinatologist!!

Time permitting I'll do a post about my SPD - because this has been the most debilitating thing I have ever experienced. It's worse than bed rest!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

It's so weird having no problems to report

So I'm not complaining at all but - everything is actually going well with this pregnancy. That's our baby boy up there looking very creepy! Besides my SPD which I've grown tired of complaining about , this pregnancy is absolutely uneventful. I am going for my glucose 3 hour in a week and fully expecting to fail it LOL. But maybe I'm just being pessimistic. Anyway this infertility warrior is feeling very undeserving of the title right now!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

26 weeks pregnant - goodbye second trimester

So this is me bowing my head in shame. I haven't updated this in entirely too long. It's really not for lack of desire - it's more so lack of energy. I hate to say it but I feel like such an old woman. I simply don't have the energy ( both physical and mental ) for most things. I was far more productive on bedrest than I've been now. Oh I didn't mention - I'm not on bedrest! I'm so excited ! I'm 26 weeks and still walking around with a 4 cm cervix! What are the odds! OK - let me focus :

Anatomy Scan 
My anatomy scan went great. He's measuring right on target. We were able to see his fingers, legs, face and all. Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be.

My Strange Cervix (No Complaints ) 
I call it strange because it's 4 cm. It never even hit 4 cm in my last pregnancy. It's so crazy. However it seems my cerclage is doing what it is supposed to and my cervix is great. There's been no signs of funneling or anything.

Ugh - I didn't realize SPD could be so debilitating. I mean I can walk but it does hurt to move my legs. I try not to complain about it because who wants a whining woman in your home! Either way - it has be walking like I'm 9 months pregnant - ugh.

Gestational Diabetes
So I passed my 1 hour test. I'll be doing the 3 hour when I hit 28 weeks. I should add - I barely passed the 1 hour - hehhee. I feel really guilty because I've struggled to maintain a GD friendly diet. I don't know what's wrong with me this time. I'm also heavier than I was last time. Sigh.... otherwise I'm doing alright I guess.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lots to post but tiny update today

Lets see how I can sum this up 

1 - this baby is kicking up a storm !
2 - I barely passed my 1 hour glucose test - but I expected that- it was the same as last time
3 - my cervix was great at my last appt. My peri said I could go 3 weeks before next appt
4 - my OB advised I don't have more kids after this if I don't have to - I've been running hard with these fertility missions these past 6 years

More to come but all is well.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Next cervical measurement on Monday

Not much to report except my next peri appointment is Monday...... Since this is the week my cervix is known to shrink - let's just say a little anxiety has set in

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Half Way There - 20 weeks pregnant

Yep - I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I feel guilty because I haven't been blogging properly - but the last details of this move have kept me busy indeed! So here's what's happened. I had a psuedo anatomy scan at 18.5 weeks. We did this because I needed to see a peri asap. The good news was that my cervix was still high and closed - measuring at 3.7 cm. My peri also thinks my first measurement was erroneous - saying 6.6 cm doesn't really happen - especially with a singleton pregnancy. Our baby did just fine with the scan and scored well. They have decided they will do another scan at my 21 week appointment as well. Oh yeah - and we're still team blue. I even saw the little wiener!
As for me - I'm still lamenting the challenges of being 35 and pregnant. I know every pregnancy is  different - but I feel so old in this one. I am dealing with crazy pelvic pain in the front called SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction). As a result I'm waddling like I'm 7 months pregnant even though I'm only 5 months pregnant. Ugh! I'm really hopeful for this pregnancy - because I don't ever want to go through this again. I'm done with this pregnancy business.

Beyond this - I'm so happy - because I realize I'm just under 4 weeks to viability!!! This means that very soon we can start talking about WHEN this baby comes and not just IF :) - well sort of anyway hehe.

So not too much to report except - all is ok with the world right now...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My second cerclage story

So I got my cerclage done right at the end of 13 weeks. This was the first time I've done a surgery in South Africa. Strangely enough - I wasn't terribly concerned for the surgery as such. But hey - it is what it is!

So DH and I arrived early. I had to fast so I was already hungry. The prep up to the surgery was pretty uneventful. I laid in bed and watched bad television, sat on my phone, and actually napped quite a bit since pregnancy fatigue was still reigning supreme. Then it was time to fill out paperwork and to talk to the anesthesiologist. He came in, asked me questions, and then was about to walk out. I stopped him and asked him if he wanted to discuss what he was going to do. He explained he wanted to general anesthesia. I declined. He sort of seemed taken aback. I explained I'd rather do a spinal or an epidural because I don't want general anesthesia since I'm pregnant. I'd rather not do it unless there's an immediate need to do so.  After going back and forth a bit he agreed.

Another hour passed or so, and I was wheeled down to pre-op. There was a guy there waiting to do some kind of surgery that involved his colon. Needless to say his anxiety was hard to miss. I tried to give him some reassuring words - since I've gone under the knife several times. He was shocked that I chose a spinal. It seems people in South Africa don't like to be awake for surgeries hehe. When it was my turn - I was wheeled in, moved onto the table, and they did the spinal. I really hate how you can still feel tugging or pressure when you do one. However, it isn't really painful at all. The procedure was pretty quick. This time they did a Shirodkar suture instead of the MacDonald stitch for my cerclage - which is a little more involved. But I swear this one seemed quicker than the last time I did one of these. Then they brought me back to recovery - easy peasy!

When I was back in the ward - I learned why they prefer general anesthesia - it's because people recover faster. Since I had a spinal of course it would take hours for me to recover. After a while I was the last woman in the ward - and the nurses started pushing me to recover faster ( as if I could do that). They tried to make me drink  6 liters of water but my lower half was still numb. After a while the water was making me hurt so I stopped and decided to walk around to help my legs wake up. Eventually I was able to take a piss  - but they were just pushing me because they wanted to get off of shift at 6 pm. All I could think was - hospital's don't close - if you need to go home - put someone else on shift! Finally my piss was a sad piss - it was more like water just leaking out of me - but that was enough for them and they sent me home.

I have to be honest - I sort of expected a scan afterwards or a doppler or something to monitor the baby  - but nothing. The doc came by - said everything looks great and we'll see you in 4 weeks. Needless to say - that experience sort of sealed my decision to move back. Because I had to think - if I was going to end up in hospital - where would I want to do it....

But my baby is still kicking - so it was worth it after all.